Admission and Parking

Tickets for the tournament are sold here. Please see the ticketbox below. Parking is free, but please bear in mind that besides the tournament, the club has several other activities and events, so parkingspace is scarce. Parking assistants will guide you to the nearest parking facility.
If you are local: Please come by bike, foot or public transport.

In and around ’s-Hertogenbosch

On the website of the Tourist Information Office (, you can find information in English about: the city, accommodation, restaurants, trips and activities, practical information

Ticket pricing

Friday 2nd of June - one day pass - €10*
Saturday 3rd of June - one day pass - €10*
Sunday 4th of June - one day pass - €5*
Monday 5th of June - one day pass - €15*
Passe Partout 'all day ticket' - €25*

All visitors of the venue need a valid ticket.
Admission is free for children 0-6 years, everyone else is one tariff.
* Ticketprices do not include processing fees.

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